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Welcome to Dazzling Knits

DAZZLING KNITS: Building Blocks to Creative Knitting

A book by Patricia Werner - Knitwear Designer, Teacher, and Author

Turn Basic shapes into fashion statements with a simple "modular" method!  The technique works like a puzzle: start by knitting one shape, and then build on that by knitting additional shapes to create a finished garment.  Even beginners can quickly catch on to the technique.

Includes 14 vest, jacket, and coat designs
Projects rely on easy-to-knit shapes such as squares, shells, cubes, and triangles
Featured knits spotlight vibrant, bold colors, as well as alternate versions in more classic colors

About the Author

Patricia Werner, who designs under the name of MAYA, is a multimedia artist. She is best known for her bold use of vibrant color and unique compositions that echo the ancient cultures and myths of the Native Americans, Mayans and Egyptians. Patricia spent many years as an architectural designer and city planner. She currently devotes her time to knitting, crocheting, designing beaded jewelry, and teaching knitting workshops throughout the United States. She has studied under some of the world's most renowned knitwear designers, and she was among ten Americans honored to study under Germany's celebrated Horst Schulz in Berlin.

In addition to knitting prolifically for the past 50 years, Patricia has also been teaching her modular knitting techniques and designing garments for more than a decade. In her knitted clothing, rich handspun and hand-dyed fibers, juxtaposed with handmade buttons, reflect her passion for life and color. Often referred to as the "Queen of Color" by her students, Patricia never adheres to fixed rules or color-wheel formulas, freeing her to explore limitless palette. Her wearable art can be seen in galleries around the country.  She lives with her husband, Mark, in Corrales, New Mexico.

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